Thursday, August 11, 2011

Babygurl Rylie,

Just woke up from a short nap and found my panties to be full of vanilla pudding (Yummmm!!). I don't usually dream during a brief nap of an hour or two but I realized that I had been dreaming. It was about Ashley and her mother when Ashley was somewhere between 18 and 24 months and was still nursing and using my cock for her between nursing pacifier. She had been standing in the bedroom doorway for some time by this time and had watched me sucking cock and going down on her mother and eating her freshly fucked cunt (more Yummmmm!!). In my dream, we did not have any company, male or female, at the time but Ashley came into the bedroom and climbed up on the bed. She laid down on her back and slipped out of her little cotton panties and gave them to me. She lay back on the pillows and made herself comfortable, spread her legs wide and pulled her ankles back over her shoulders as she had seen her mother do. Her puffy bald little cunt upened up like a flower in the morning sun and she smiled broadly, obviously pleased with herself, in anticipation of having someone's face between her smooth soft thighs very soon. In an instant, she was giggling and squealing as her mother crawled in between her thighs and began to lick that delicious looking little cunt. I stood next to the bed with my panties pulled down, jacking off so Ashley could watch me stroking my cock as it got harder and larger. Ashley's mother pushed her legs further back over her shoulders so she could get her tongue into Ashley's rubbery little star of an asshole and Ashley giggled some more. I climbed up onto the bed next to them and pushed the tip of my cock against Toni's lips. She immediately opened wide and sucked the head into her tiny mouth as her mother continued to tongue-fuck her wet slippery smooth cunt. She raised her head from between Ashley's legs just long enough to say "Cum on her pussy for me." My cock felt awfully good in Ashley's wet sucking mouth but I knew that my wife wanted that incomparable taste of the combination of cum and pussyjuice so I, somewhat reluctantly, eased away from Ashley's mouth when I felt myself about to cum and kneewalked a foot or two toward Ashley's crotch instead of her mouth. My wife raised up and gave me access to Ashley's glistening cunt just as that first spurt of thick pudding shot out to decorate her pussy like a pastry chef working his magic with the icing on a cake. It made my mouth water to see her bald cunt covered in fresh warm cum but it was there for my wife's benefit. She lapped it up with great relish and, too quickly, Ashley's cunt was as clean as a cue ball. I wanted to eat it up myself but I knew that my wife would be appreciative and would share it with me by french-kissing me with a substantial amount of warm cum still in her mouth for me to enjoy...and that is what she did...and that must have been when I flooded my panties.

When I was young, 10 to 15 or so, I used to have wet dreams all the time, at least until I started jacking off several times a day. It has been decades since I had them with any regularity. I really enjoy waking up with a panty full of cum and then trying to remember the details of the dream. It rarely happens anymore but this time I did remember at least the broad outlines and I have a vivid memory of Ashley's giggle as her mother sucked her little cunt. She LOVED having her pussy licked and sucked by virtually anyone from the time she was a tiny baby until she left for college and then she had to introduce her college roommate to the pleasures of eating pussy and of being eaten. I am glad I could recall the outlines of this recent dream so I could share it with you in the hopes that you could close your eyes and have a mental picture which would be vivid enough to cause you to reach inside your panties and find that special spot that you can locate in an instant but always seem to have to guide another person to...even another girl strangely enough. I like to think of you masturbating with your fingers or with your favorite toy. Either way, it gives me pleasure to imagine that my words and descriptions have inspired you to a satisfying orgasm....a "happy ending" as they say.

Satisfying sucks and fucks from your pervy Mr. PedoPinkPanties

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Gurl Rylie
I told my daughter Ashley about your webpage and how to get to my "letters from Daddy" and she and her partner Robyn invited some of their lesbian friends over recently and did a reading. Ashley and Robyn took turns reading my letters and your responses to their friends and it turned into a huge masturbation party. While my daughter read, Robyn licked and sucked her cunt and then they would trade places as the others girls watched and listened. My daughter explained that the letters had been written by her real-life Daddy (many of those present had already met me in Maine) and that she had been using my cock as a "pacifier" since she was literally a baby. Ashley loved your webpage part where you admit that you had been sucking your Daddy's cock since you were three years old and loved it. All the girls agreed that it was really hot to admit that specifically instead of just hinting at it by saying "pre-teen" or even "toddler". The girls all wanted to know if all that stuff about my daughter's mother and her was real or just made up and Ashley said that she couldn't vouch for all of it because she was too young to remember but that the stuff that she could remember was true. She remembered in detail how scared and excited she was at age three to hold a huge black cock in her little hands and lick the big mushroom head and suck on the tip just as she had watched me do many times. She remembered holding black cock and guiding it into my mouth and taking off her panties and giving them to me to suck and sitting on my face in the bathroom and using my mouth as her "peepee toilet" and tasting her mother's pussy juices on the head of Daddy's cock as well as the cock's of many other boys and men. All the reading about drinking piss got one of the girls so excited she volunteered to let anyone piss in her mouth while the rest watched. Another said that the next time I visited Maine she was going to bring her new baby over for me to suck and she would take pictures of me in my panties sucking her baby's little cock to make it stiff.

I love how your letters always get me hot. I have to jack off and cum in my panties while I am reading them. Last night I dreamed of sucking your cunt right through the crotch of your panties and we were out in plain view in a public park with you sitting on a picnic table and me in my panties and a tee with my head between your spread thighs near the playground where kiddies of all ages could see us.

Your pervy pedodaddy and cocksucking cumslut who loves doggydick and babypiss,

Daddy PinkPanties

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Babygurl Rylie,

How wonderful to get your sweet note. I know your bald little cunt misses your Daddy's tongue and cock. I just recently returned from visiting your big sister and her GF in Texas to spend some time with them and my newest grandson. I am absolutely obsessed with my little grandson and his irresistable little baby cock. He has a black daddy you know and he has inheirited his daddy's big black cock although it is much lighter in color and not nearly the size of his daddy. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see how it grows and gets hard when it is sucked. Both of the girls demonstrated for me and then said "Go on know you want to suck it!" And of course I did and got an immediated stiffy of my own which was obvious to the girls as it pushed my panties out in front. As I sucked the babycock, your older sister pulled my panties down and got on her knees behind me and started rimming my asshole to get it ready for her GF's strapon. I tell you it was exciting to have the baby's little black cock in my mouth and feeling it get hard as my daughter took that strapon cock and eased it into my ass. She said "Daddy, you suck that babycock while she fucks your asshole and turns it into a tight mancunt. I know how much you love being fucked in the ass by a pretty girl. You should ger Rylie to do it with one of her toys. I bet she would love to turn her Daddy into her sissy pantyboy bitch. I'm going to call her and tell her to make you suck that dildo or vibrator right out of your asshole/cunt so you can get the taste of it in your cocksucking mouth." Later they took the baby's diaper off and sat him on my mouth as I lay on my back on the bathroom floor. They left him there sitting on my face until he began to pee pee and I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his warm babypiss. I love being the baby's piss toilet and gently sucking his sweet cock as he fills my mouth. It is SO kinky and appeals to my pervy Pedo desires.

I was sorry to miss you over the holidays but I had promised your big sister and I wanted to spend some time with my newest grandson. I know you will want to suck his precious little black cock and let him piss in your mouth when you see him for the first time. You will be amazed at how big his cock is already and how much he obviously loves to have it sucked. He is certainly in the right family! LOL

Talk to you soon,

Your cocksucking, cunteating, cumswallowing, pissdrinking, pervy, incestloving, bitch PEDO Daddy,

Daddy Pink Panties

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



My mouth is watering for the taste of the wet crotch of your lil' gurl pink cotton panties decorated with the kittycats. I love the creamy taste of my babygurl's cunt after you have been fingering yourself and the texture of your tiny cotton panties in my mouth. Daddy LOVES his little girl's tasty cunt and LOVES the way you love to sit on my face and ride my tongue. I love the taste of the cream that seeps out of your bald hairless pink babycunt and I love to suck your sweet pussy right through the cotton crotch of your wet panties. I ESPECIALLY love it when your panties turn from warm and moist to WET and HOT as you start to piss your panties while I am sucking them. Ahhhhh!! Babygurl piss is SO mild and SO delicious. When your panties get soaked I love for you to take them off and stuff them into my mouth as you finish pissing all over my cock and balls and hen scoot down between my thighs to lick up the piss and take Daddy's big wet hard cock into your babygurl mouth and SUCK until I fill your little mouth with my sweet Daddycum. Then you crawl up to my face with your mouth full of daddymilk and give me a big open mouth kiss so that I can eat the cum right out of my baby's mouth! Ahhhhh! Delicious!! Save some piss babygurl so that you can wash down the cum by letting me drink the last bit of hot lemonade right from your pink tender bald babycunt. I love it!!

See you soon. Keep your panties WET for Daddy,

xoxoxoxoxo from your cocksucking, cunteating, asslicking, pissdrinking, PedoDaddy,

Daddy Pink Panties

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm glad that my e-mails cause you to go get yourself off. I like to think of you fingerfucking yourself or playing with your favorite toy and getting it all slick and wet with your cunt juices. I'd love to suck it clean for you and have you fuck me in the ass with it.

Your mention of going to the park to watch the kiddies on Halloween instantly created a scenario which goes something like this:
You are dressed in a black witches dress with black thighhighs and no panties and the skirt is very VERY short so that it is easy to show your cunt to any nearby kiddies. You are sitting at a parkbench and it is not yet dark but the sun is down and is dusk. The park is in a transitional neighborhood with lots of little nigger kiddies, most with a parent or two but some appearing to be by themselves. There are also quite a few little white kiddies also with parents but some running around by themselves in various costumes. You see a cute little white girl about 4 years old who seems to be standing alone and fighting back tears. She is dressed in a traditional Cinderella costume consisting of a short white lace dress and white stockings and shoes and with a little crown and magic wand. She is about to cry and you beckon her to come to you. You ask her what the problem is and she says she has gotten separated from her daddy and can't find him and she has to pee-pee. You take her by the hand and lead her to the ladies restroom and go into the booth with her. She pulls up her short skirt and pulls down her little white cotton panties and pees into the toilet. There are other children in the restroom but the booth is secure and has a lock on the door and they are laughing and payiing no attention. You kneel between her spread legs when she finishes and reach for the toilet paper. On a hunch, you ask her if she would like you to wipe her clean with the toilet paper or do it the way her daddy does. She looks at you with a quizacle look on her face and says "how do you know about that? My daddy told me that it would be our secret and that I shouldn't tell mommy how he cleans my 'gina with his tongue." You say "Oh, I didn't know for sure but you said that you were here with your daddy and I do know that LOTS of daddies like to lick their little girls 'ginas. I know MY daddy sure liked to lick mine when I was your age and even younger. I loved it and you probably do I right?"
She had an embarassed look on her face and nodded her head up and down and you say "I thought so. All little girls and big girls too love to have their 'ginas licked. Does your daddy ever call it your 'pussy'?" She nodded her head up and down again and you ask her if she would like for you to lick her "pussy". She scooted forward on the toilet seat and pulled her skirt up around her waist and her bald little pink cunt opened up like a flower in the morning and she started to grin with a naughty look on her face.
You leaned down between her legs and started to run your tongue up and down her tender cunt lips, all smooth and hairless and warm with little girl piss. She said "Do it the way my babysitter does it." You ask her what that means and she says "She's an older black lady and she uses her fingers AND her tongue when she licks me after I peepee and she stickes her fingers up inside herself while she licks and then she lets me suck her wet fingers. I like that the BEST!"

You slip one hand between your thighs and finger fuck yourself as you suck her tiny bald cunt and lick up the residual piss from her pussy lips and the insides of her thighs. Your cunt gushes cream at the taste of her sweet baby cunt and how pink it is and how wet and delicious. You make yourself cum and take your fingers out of your wet cunt and hold them up to her mouth. She sucks each of the fingers that have been deep inside your nigger pussy and you take a mental picture of how naughty and pervy it is to see this darling little white girl sucking nigger cunt cream from your fingers and think of how you would love to see her sucking a throbbing nigger cock all covered with your pussy juices. You can use this scenario to masturbate with later and for months afterward as you savor the moment and remember how sweet this little white cunt, all smooth and warm and wet and bald, was to suck.

You finally pull up her panties and let her feel how wet and hot your own cunt is before taking her outside to try and find her daddy. When you find him you give him a look that says "I know all about you and your precious little daughter with the sweet cunt." You smile and wink as he thanks you profusely for having found his daughter and having taken care of her until they could be reunited. The little girl reaches up to give you a big hug and whispers in your ear "I liked that a felt really REALLY good...dont' worry I won't say anything to my daddy. Goodbye."

You watch them depart, hand in hand. The little girl looks back over her shoulder and gives you a big smile and waves.

You wonder if she is already sucking her daddy's cock and tasting his creamy cum. If not, you figure, it won't be long before she will be daddy's precious little cocksucker and cumslut. Wouldn't you love to be her babysitter or live-in Nana? You would teach her to love to suck wet nigger cunt and to lick you clean after you piss and you would teach her to sit on your face and use your open mouth to piss in instead of the toilet and tell her she should get her daddy to let her do the same with him.

Now you can go masturbate if you have not already done so. I visuallize you having your hand in your panties about half way through this story and that your cunt is soaking wet...just the way I would love to be sucking it right now.

xoxoxoxo from your cocksucking, cumslut, Pedo pantyboy Grandpa,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

I found the sticky wet panties you left for your daddy and I put the wet crotch in my mouth and sucked the sweet cum as my cock responded to the familiar taste of my naughty little girl's bald cunt. When I had cleaned them and sucked up all the cum I carefully laid them out on the bed and jacked off and decorated the inside of the crotch with my "daddymilk" and then treated myself to some sweet vanilla pudding and thought about how much I missed the soft wet touch of my babygurl's mouth sucking her Daddy's cock. I love to cum in your mouth babygurl and then have you kiss me so I can eat the warm cream from your mouth as you push your wet tongue into a fast dance with mine. You are so thoughtful of your daddy as you squat down over my face and piss into my open mouth to wash down the cum. I love how hot and slightly salty your lttle girl piss is and the sight of your beautiful bald cunt lips just above my face is an image that gets me going several times a day. I love holding your little pink asshole open with my fingertips so I can push my tongue up into your ass and literally fuck you in the ass with my tongue. You squeal so sweetly and I love to hear you call me "cocksucker Daddy" and come up and whisper in my ear "Daddy, 'haffa pee-pee" as you take my hand and lead me into the bathroom so I can lay on my back on the tile floor. It is even more exciting when you bring home one of your little friends so they can watch as you suck Daddy and use his mouth as your piss toilet. I love it when you bring a little girl home and take her panties off and show her how good it feels to have her bald hairless little pink cunt licked and sucked...especially after Daddy has decorated it with his warm "daddymilk". Do you want to lick it up?...or should I? Either way, it's all good!Luv and big wet kisses from your cocksuckiing, cuntlicking, asseating, cumdrinking naughty pervy PedoDaddy,

Daddy pink panties